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Selasa, 08 April 2014

Eliminating and Preventing Mildew on clothes closet and storage important goods

Fungi  growth in a variety of places , including furniture equipment such as cabinets , buffets, racks and other news channel made ​​of sawdust often overgrown fungi if it is located in a room that gets little or no sun light and moisture . So that the fungus does not grow , it is necessary to attempt to address and prevent the growth of mold . Mushrooms that grow in the cupboard , sideboard , table , and various other places often irritated because despite being cleared , but the mold still grows back quickly . It can also contaminate clothing in the closet of course . A large part as a result of dirty clothes exposed to the fungus that grows on the wall wardrobe made ​​of wood dust may require the owner to wash clothes that have come back clean but exposed to the fungus . Mushrooms can be grown in a closet , dresser , television shelves and other if the materials used to make the cabinets are made from sawdust . Mold growth is triggered by damp and wet places as well as the lack of sunlight , such as a wet or damp floors , lack of ventilation and windows that allow for good air circulation and the entry of sunlight so that the room becomes dry . If the place does not favor the formation of mold , then it will be found that the growth of fungi such disturbing . Thus , the main cause of this is the growth of mold or damp due to lack of space or lack of ventilation and windows that allow incoming sunlight and good air exchange to keep the room dry and fresh . This mold growth can take place quickly , in a matter of days , the fungus had already scattered in every wall cabinets located in a humid room and the lack of sunlight . This requires the owner to continue to clean the closet , but every few days the fungus would be easily and quickly come back . This growth can also occur on the outside and inside cabinets , of very dirty and nasty once the closet . Currently, there are many manufacturers of cabinets has given a potion to avoid fungus although in place in damp and dark though . Therefore, before buying a new closet, make sure it has anti- fungal . However , if you 've already bought household appliances that do not have anti- fungal , it is necessary to attempt to cope with the growth of the fungus to prevent the fungus infestation . The following is the author's experience in dealing with the growth of mold in a closet easily and quickly , and fungi were not easy to come back , just takes about a few months, once that mold does not grow , even mold will not grow at all with all topical alone . However , there also needs to be done basting and cleaning every few months. What medications are used to treat fungal closet ?

Just hang the Eva-Dry unit in a closet or in a small, enclosed space and the other will start to absorb damp. There is an indicator window with special "moisture meter crystals" that change from blue (when dry) to pink (when wet) to indicate when the unit needs to be updated. The unit will absorb approximately 8-10 oz. damp (depending on humidity levels this should take between 6-8 weeks). Once the damp has been absorbed, can not leak or spill.
and we can scheduled maintain to dry and cleaning for keep it clean.

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