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Minggu, 25 Oktober 2009

One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

Summary by:rsastry
The transition from an engineer to manager is full of challenges. To make the cut, it is essential for each manager to take on these challenges head on and succeed in solving them. But, there are some lessons which are learned only via experience and hence advice from experienced managers is always sought after. So when a friend of mine suggested that I should go through the One minute manager meets the monkey to get some useful tips, I decided to try it.
The Contents
The book essentially deals with the initial step into management i.e. transition from being managed to managing. The question that the book seeks to answer is primarily, Why is it that some managers are typically running out of time, while their staffs are typically running out of work?.
The book is presented in first person by a manager who is facing problems in his transition to manager and talks about the following concepts:
1) Identifying the problem that leads to managers being overloaded and staff being without work.
2) Definition of what is a monkey. Typically it is the next move to be taken in any problem/situation.
3) Identifying whose monkey it is.
4) Onken's rule of Monkey Management:
a) Describe the Monkey.
b) Assign ownership of the Monkey.
c) Insure the Monkey.
d) Checkup on the Monkey.
5) Transition from Assigning to Delegation and then to coaching.
Critic's Viewpoint
After going through quite a few managerial books, my conclusion was they are boring and too much in the preaching mode rather than practical. The only management books that I found I could read were Scott Adam's Dilbert books which at best is a sarcastic look at management. Luckily the One minute manager meets the monkey changes my viewpoint of the managerial books.
The book has been written in such a humourous and slick way that once you pick it up, it is unputdownable (if there is such a phrase). It focuses on a very practical problem that we all phase in our first management job i.e. giving up the notion to do all the tasks ourselves and make the staff do the tasks and fixing the ownership for those tasks on them. As a side-effect of the above mentioned problem, most first time managers become overworked and lose the plot and become tyrants in the office. This book provides some practical tips on how to avoid this trap.
Also it goes on to explain a nuances between the various styles of handing tasks to staff like assigning, delegation and coaching. The best part of the book is that is only 130 odd pages and not 1000s of pages of wisdom for which no one has time to read.
After reading this book, I felt a greater understanding of the issues faced by first time managers. I only wished that I got this book, as soon as I took my first step into management. It would have been a great help then, but even now the book gave a lot of insights and tips for doing a good job.
I recommend this book as a must all aspiring managers and first time managers. I would give this small but handy book a 5 star rating.
PS: The one minute manager is a conceptual manager who seems to spend so little time with his staff, still manages to get a lot of work done from them.
About the Authors
Kenneth Blanchard is an internationally known author, educator, trainer, and professor of leadership and organization behaviour at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Amongst his other writings are the One Minute Manager Library Series and Power of Ethical Management.
William Oncken Jr. was one of the most articulate spokesman in the field of management. He translated his practical experience into his internationally known Managing Management Time and Managing Managerial Initiative seminars; his revolutionary article Managing Management Time: Who's got the Monkey? is a classic of management literature.
Hal Burrows is an speaker par excellence on torelated with management. His two most sought after seminars are Managing Management Time and Managing Negotiations Under Pressure. He is also a successful entrepreneur in the field of Real Estate development in Raleigh.
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Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

mobile browser, opera mini 5 beta

opera mini 5 main ui

introduces Opera Mini 5 Beta, mobile Web browser. Like previous versions, Opera Mini 5 beta works on most modern phones — from top of the range smart phones to feature phones. In fact, it will run on almost any phone with a JVM, showing regular web pages designed for desktop browsers without any problem, and reducing file sizes to save you time and money. Opera Mini is incredibly popular, being used worldwide by over 30 million users. Read of the Mobile Web Report for more detailed coverage of the mobile web industry, including a breakdown of Opera usage on mobile in different countries, what sites are popular on mobile, and other analyses.

This article will briefly outline how Opera Mini 5 works and look at the new UI and features. Then we’ll have a look at the user agent string and Opera Mini 5’s standards support, and we’ll touch on the optimizations you can make to improve web page compatibility with Opera Mini 5 and mobile web browsers in general.

Tips cepat kerja

Tips cepat kerja
Untuk medapat kerja diperlukan usaha. Pertama, tanya temen2 kita, tetangga, kenalan, apa ada lowongn kerja.
Kedua, jgn pilih2 sekiranya kita bisa masuk dan bisa sikat aja.
Ketiga, lamar langsung ke kantor atau tempat kerja, siapa tahu ada lowongan. Cara ini akan membuat kita lebih tangguh dan lebih berani.
Keempat, bikin satu hari satu lamaran kerja dan kirimkan atau serahkan pada perusahaan. Dalam 3 bulan berarti ada 90 kesempatan untuk dipanggil.
Kelima, belajar jadi marketing/sales. Ternyata kerjaan ini banyak lowongan. Siapa takut!
Keenam, belajar yang rajin, cari temen yang banyak, jangan lupa jangan pernah melakukan tindakan kriminal.

Rabu, 07 Oktober 2009


Hari ini kau pergi untuk selamanya, tanpa kata apa2.
Begitu tiba2, padahal kemarin kami masih melihatmu punya cita-cita. Kau tumpuan keluarga, masa depan orang tua. Adik kakakmu ingin tumbuh bersama, meraih bahagia.
Selamat jalan kawan, meski kami berurai air mata. Meski kami menyesali apa yang terjadi. Ini kisahmu, ini cerita hidupmu. Semoga kau tenang di alam sana.
Say no to drugs

Senin, 05 Oktober 2009

Usia 5 tahun mu

Usia 5 thn
Mungki usiamu baru 5 tahunan, besar yg kau lakukan. Memikul tugas berat ayamu. Menghidupi dirimu. Apakah ini ide baru, atau cara hidup baru. Entah terpaksa atau dipaksa, tapi aku tak bisa apa2. Aku harus bagaimana, memberimu koin untuk menyambung hidup atau membiarkanmu agar penderitaanmu tdk berlanjut. Bilanganmu semakin hari bertambah, apakah jalan hidupmu diangap berkah? Abad 21 katanya, apakah karena caleg orang tuamu tidak duduk di DPR /DPRD ? Apa orang tuamu tdk ikut pilkada atau pilihan presiden ? Sehingga nasibmu tdk bisa lebih baik.
Apakah ayahmu pedgang kakilima buronan satpol pp. Apakah ayahmu petani gagal panen atau yg digusur?
Aku tdk lagi banyak bertanya, aku tdk bisa memberimu apa2 hanya 1000 Doa. Semoga engkau menemukan duniamu, seperti kawan2mu.