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Selasa, 10 November 2009

SEO Step-By-Step Guide– 219. Identifying and creating content that will attract links

SEO Step-By-Step Guide– 219. Identifying and creating content that will attract links
As a webmaster, you can never get tired or bored of your link building efforts. Links are a constant source of energy to your website. So never starve your website of back links if you do not want your rankings to drop. One of the best ways of increasing your links count constantly is to create content that are link worthy. When you want your content to be linked, you must make sure to create something that will be of use to others. You cannot expect others to link to your content if you are going to all the time talk about your own glory and your products. Identifying and creating content that is linkable is very important for the success of your link building efforts.
Here are few factors that you should take into consideration to create content that is link worthy. Firstly, you must make an extensive research to find out what type of content attracts the most links in your niche industry. Remember, this is highly relative area and it varies from one industry to the other so do not generalize it for all the industries. If you do, then you will only be wasting your time in creating content that does not fetch you the desired results in your niche industry.
Secondly, you must find what are the qualities of content that gets linked often. You must find out whether it is controversial debate that gets linked extensively or ‘how to’ information that gets wide attention.
Thirdly, if at all your content is going to be linked who will be linking to you. Like you target your audience for your products to position it effectively, you must also target your audience for links so that you can create content that will attract the linking audience. In most situations, it will not be the end customer who will be linking to your content. There will be some intermediary parties that will be interested in linking to your content. It can be a complementary service provider or even your competitor.
You must also learn to identify unique content area that is not already found in the industry. If the content that you are creating is fresh and new, then nothing can stop you from getting abundant links within a short time. You will automatically get links to your website from original content.
You must also have a clear plan regarding how you are planning to popularize your content so that others will get to know about your exclusive content. Only when the content that you create is promoted well, you will be able to get back links from it.

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