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Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

mobile browser, opera mini 5 beta

opera mini 5 main ui

introduces Opera Mini 5 Beta, mobile Web browser. Like previous versions, Opera Mini 5 beta works on most modern phones — from top of the range smart phones to feature phones. In fact, it will run on almost any phone with a JVM, showing regular web pages designed for desktop browsers without any problem, and reducing file sizes to save you time and money. Opera Mini is incredibly popular, being used worldwide by over 30 million users. Read of the Mobile Web Report for more detailed coverage of the mobile web industry, including a breakdown of Opera usage on mobile in different countries, what sites are popular on mobile, and other analyses.

This article will briefly outline how Opera Mini 5 works and look at the new UI and features. Then we’ll have a look at the user agent string and Opera Mini 5’s standards support, and we’ll touch on the optimizations you can make to improve web page compatibility with Opera Mini 5 and mobile web browsers in general.

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