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Jumat, 21 Maret 2014

more best moment to choose your dress, Halter Dress -Various Colors

Chose your Print Halter Dress -Various Colors

Body Shape Pears
For the upper body is smaller than the width at the bottom ( hip ) , put traction on the chest and shoulders , as well as minimize the appearance of the lower part of the body would be the right choice . What you can do :
a. Find A-line shaped dress . It is the most appropriate form of dress for you . This form should make the fitting at the top of your body , and slightly expands from the hips down .
b . Looks interesting at the top . Style with a scoop neck or V -neck will draw attention toward your chest . This will help disguise the shape of the hips look big .

Contains Full Body
One common mistake when trying to cover the body shape is to " drown " the body under a pile full of fashion . A better option is to choose clothing that is comfortable enough without piling too much of an impression . For example :
a. Choose clothing empire waist . Clothing is most appropriate to focus part of the body just below the bust , which means helps minimize and flatten the middle at the same time draw attention to the chest and neck circumference .
b . Motif . Try to select a vertical motif that is not too flashy , like zebra or python motif , as suggested by Lloyd Boston , author of Before You Put That On .

Pitted body style sand clock
If you are the owner of a body proportions of this sort , then concentrate on the middle part of the body is the most appropriate choice .
a. Wrap dress . Wrap dress with a model , which shrinks or tied at the waist is a gorgeous option for you .
b . Belt . Look for a dress that is equipped with a belt to tie at the center of your body , and a little fluffy . Or find a shift dress and add a belt.

Athletic body or Skinny
Because the body shape like this tend to look " straight " , which creates a little dress can give the impression of feminine curves and change the image of " tomboy " . Here's how:
a. Choose a Halter neck . Type of halter neck dress with a model ( which surrounds the circumference of the neck and tied behind the neck ) not only draw attention to the shoulders of your field , but also at the same time draw attention to the chest , to give a little feminine curves .
b . Motif . Abstract motif pattern and textured fabric that will give you curves and depth to your body frame .

Big busty
To disguise the Almighty at once grateful for the gift of this , consider the following tips :
a. Do not pile cloth or material on this area . Do not try to cover the " excess " in the area with a ruffle , ruching , or a variety of ways pile fabric or embellishment around the chest . If you like lively ornament , just add in the waist or hem sleeves Area .
b . Try asking a tailor to make the right shape according to your body shape . Asked for the clothes you want , but with a larger size in the chest . Maybe you 'll pay more , but in doing so , the clothes you buy more frequently used .

Tiny bodied
You will need a dress that makes you a little body " looks " . Choose a dress that is minimalist but with unique details , are like bright colors or additional ornaments .
a. Avoid excessive material , such as maxi dress , because it can make you like a "sink " and smaller . Silhouette knee-length dress is the best choice .
b . Love the colors. Petite woman will simply " lost " in the crowd when wearing black clothing . Choose other safe colors , such as dark blue or metallic copper color .

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