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Minggu, 23 Maret 2014

classic number element style

Natalie Portman
We may have a number of classic elements that can be used at any time . For example , striped shirt , white pants , or a Floral jumpsuit . Such items may be based on the outside with my friends . However , so that you can create the look of " statement " , trying to play with the other items . Indeed , they look to be unique , different from others .

White pants
Many people said , because white , these pants should be combined with peak contrast or bright colors . Sounds perfect , but try to check their appearance . Pale ? , Or bored Mira ? There is no harm if you try combining white pants with nude or neutral color tops . Pants with straight cut or ngepas in the body , including the more neutral colors make you thinner . Do not forget to wear accessories to complement .

Floral Dress
Because the reasons are quite crowded , usually you are encouraged to " play it safe " by simply wearing flat shoes . But trying to align the  floral dress with bold accents , like a Denim vest , beaded slippers or belt . So it looks stylish and cool .

Tops " Sequins "
Bright shirts and skinny jeans ( or mesh ) can now be forced to hangout or club night " uniform " . However , so that your appearance is not uniform with other women's makeup , change your skinny jeans with cargo pants . Wrap the bottom of the cargo pants with style for more updates at this time . Complete with sexy gladiator heels .

striped socks
Tops with stripes pattern is out of date . Which may of right now is how you use it . Try not to " play it safe " with a striped top subordinates combination with a pencil skirt or A-line skirt with a matching color . Coordinate the striped shirts A-line skirt is a model to give you the impression of a "collision " . Dale ethnic style belt as a complement . Think for trying ?

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