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Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Techniques Raise Pagerank Backlink Simultaneously Bring Thousands To Your Blog (Teknik Naikkan PageRank Sekaligus Datangkan Ribuan Backlink Ke Blog Anda)

The way I read when visiting your blog , and then I see the widget alexa posted on his blog sidebar . Woowww .... its a lot of backlinks , up to tens of thousands . Been a long time I actually found a post like this , but I used to sanction whether this method could successfully raise the PR and backlinks . After I read it again and still not sure of backlinks that I see in her Alexa sayapun back agi visit blogs that have followed this way . And it's true , blogs are using this approach, the PR increased but the most notable is owned backlinks these blogs is legion .

If we have a good PR and backlinks that much , it is very suitable if we participate in such programs paid reviews . I really regret not applying in this way since the first . Better late than not at all . Because I want to quote this blog paid reviews program .

The trick is very easy , you just copy the link below on condition that you have to remove the link to the first rank of the list , then move that was number 2 become number 1 , number 3 becomes number 2 , number 4 to number 3 , and so on . Then input your own blog link at the bottom of the order ( number 10 ) . And please invite your friends to follow this way and this way to spread a lot of your friends .
  1. Sandi Go Blog
  2. ilmu-kompi
  3. bootingskoBlog
  4. Trik-Gue
  5. Pabrik Info
  6. Okabasi
  7. FMiyar
  8. Indonesia Hits
  9. home-live
  10. iklan satu

Description :

If you could invite five people to copy this article the number of backlinks that will be obtained are :

* Position 10 , the number of backlink = 1
* Position 9 , the number of backlinks = 5
* Position 8 , the number of backlinks = 25
* Position 7 , the number of backlinks = 125
* Position 6 , the number of backlinks = 625
* Position 5 , the number of backlinks = 3.125
* Position 4 , the number of backlinks = 15.625
* Position 3 , the number of backlinks = 78.125
* Position 2 , the number of backlinks = 390.625
* Position 1 , the number of backlinks = 1,953,125

And the name of the blog address can be entered keywords you want that can also draw attention to immediately clicked . From the side you've got 1,953,125 SEO backlinks and side effects if visitors downline clicks your link then you also get additional traffic .

I suggest you try this and please copy and distribute this article to your friends . Remove the link number 1 and input your blog address at number 10 . Prove yourself the results .

Warning :

This article should be permanent forever in your blog , you should not delete it .

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