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Jumat, 07 Februari 2014

mementos from Rosanne s musical journey, It also has 3 bonus studio tracks not included on the standard edition, including covers of songs by celebrated songwriters Townes Van Zandt (Two Girls) and Jesse Winchester (Biloxi) along with the Cash/Leventhal original Your Southern Heart.

mementos from Rosanne s musical journey
"I went back to where I was born, and these songs started arriving in me," says Rosanne Cash. "All these things happened that made me feel a deeper connection to the South than I ever had. We started finding these great stories, and the melodies that went with those experiences."
With The River and the Thread, Cash has added the next chapter to a remarkable period of .

The River & The Thread (LTD. ED. DELUXE) 
Rosanne Cash
Seven Year Ache 
Rosanne Cash
Seven Year Ache by Cash, Roseane Original recording remastered edition (2005) Audio CD 
Roseane Cash
Seven Year Ache by Cash, Roseane (2005) Audio CD 
Roseane Cash

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