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Jumat, 24 Januari 2014

Garbage Pantz GP-BJ Can Cover, Blue Jean Design

Garbage Pantz GP-BJ Can Cover, Blue Jean Design

  • Gives your garbage can an instant makeover
  • Finest quality stretchy durable outdoor material
  • Fits most size and types of garbage cans
  • Easy to slip on and off, no tools required
  • Machine washable

Garbage Pants is an award winning, attractive expandable garbage can cover for your outdoor garbage cans that gives your ugly cans an "instant makeover" . Garbage Pants is made out of a stretchy durable all weather material and is machine washable. It fits most size and shape cans and is easy to slip on and off. Garbage Pants creative designs help you identify your trash can and as a bonus, the "size patch" label on the back allows you to write your home address. We guarantee this innovative fun product will give your cans a personality and add instant curb appeal to your home. Garbage Pants makes your home beautiful and your neighborhood too. Be the envy of your neighbors and get your trash cans a pair of Garbage Pants. Garbage Pants makes a great gift too.
  • Set of 2 touchless trashcans seal odors in and eliminate cross-contamination of germs
  • Anti-fingerprint commercial-grade stainless-steel sides with snug-fitting black plastic tops
  • Wg and black plastic liner can
  • Smater-resistant infrared motion sensor detects motion within inches of sensor range; interior garbage bag rinaller can runs on 4 D-size batteries; Larger can runs on either 4 D-size or 3 C-size batteries (not included); energy saving technology keeps battery life 20% longer


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