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Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

caffee shops in london for hang out

Top 10 coffee shops in London

we love coffee taste

1. Monmouth Coffee, the great pioneer of pour-over filter coffee, is strategically situated between Covent Garden, Bloomsbury and Soho on the street that lent it its name.
Monmouth Covent Garden – 26 Monmouth Street, WC2
Monmouth Borough Market – 2 Park Street, SE1

2. Flat White, a place both of employment and leisure for expats from New Zealand, has emerged as the restorative stopover of choice for flat-out Soho. Milk Bar shares everything with Flat White but its name and Soho address.  
Flat White – 17 Berwick Street, W1
Milk Bar – 3 Bateman Street, W1

3. Dose Espresso owner/barista James Phillips would probably take his red, curvy, Florentine La Marzocco FB-80 espresso machine home with him at night if it wasn’t so heavy.
69 Long Lane, EC1
4. Nude Espresso does not feature topless baristas or the like. Nude is instead a calming retreat from the outrageousness – and outrageously bad coffee – of the area around Brick Lane.
26 Hanbury Street, E1
5. The Espresso Room offers proof you don’t need to have Antipodean ancestry to be an unflappably affable London barista.  
31-35 Great Ormond Street, WC1

6. Climpson & Sons borrows its name and antique signage from an old butcher shop, rather than Burgil Coffee, the roaster that opened it.
10 Broadway Market, E8

7. Kaffeine charges £2.30 for a latte, which, given the high rents for office space in Fitzrovia, has to be regarded as one of the great values in London.
66 Great Titchfield Street, W1

8. Taylor st baristas derived a poetic beauty from its location on a pedestrian road directly opposite a Starbucks.

1A New Street, EC2
125 Old Broad Street, EC2

9. Taste of Bitter Love defied logic and perhaps also good sense when it introduced al fresco cappuccinos to a charmless stretch of Hackney Road.
276 Hackney Road, E2

10.Tapped & Packed , identified only by the “No. 26″ on its shopfront, is a café committed to choice. Its menu features the beans of 3 London roasters – Climpson (for its espresso blend), Square Mile and Union, a changing selection of 5 filter coffees prepared in 4 brewing methods – AeroPress, syphon, pour-over and cafetière – and a vast assortment of souvenir demitasse spoons.
26 Rathbone Place, W1 

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